Killer Custom Drums and Kits Built By Our Customers...

Says Bob: If I remember correctly, I received a book from you about... oh, two years ago. And yes, I did build a set of drums which did come out very well. Because of the terribly dusty conditions in my little workshop in the basement, I had to improvise a dust-proof method of wood finishing and darned if after several failed attempts, it didn't finally work like a charm.

See all Bob's pictures of his custom made drum set. It's gorgeous and reminds me of a 1970's Gretch.

custom snare drumSays Tiago: Its been a great having access to all the invaluable info in your drum building book. It proved to be a great source of inspiration and wealth of knowledge. I have built a few drums and would like to be able to make a living out of it. Its one of my dreams! I will send you some more feed back on how I've benefited from the book.

See more pictures and read more from Tiago M A Lazaro. Take a closer look at the quality snare drums he built using the tips and secrets from drum buiding secrets.

blue and white maple snare


Bernie Koenig submittied his homemade custom maple drum sets amd snare drums as well. And they are really something. Check out more pictures and read more about his experience.


custom drum setSays Jimmy: I bought the drum building secrets manual almost a year ago, and we talked about me sending in some pictures of the drums I built using the manual. See more pictures of Jimmy's custom made drum set. It's awesome.

custom snare drumSays Nigel: My drum design project will be a long-term project for me. I am 51, in a week or so (hence the birthday pressy from Marie), have been playing for 40 years, and after a long break have only just started to get back into my first love...drums.

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