Tiago's Custom Made Snare Drums

A Letter From From Tiago...

Its been a great having access to all the invaluable info in your book. It proved to be a great source of inspiration and wealth of knowledge. I have built a few drums and would like to be able to make a living out of it. Its one of my dreams! I will send you some more feed back on how I've benefited from the book.

I've attached some pictures of 3 of my stave snare drums. Got the hardware from Germany, since I was living in Scotland at the time and it was cheaper. I'm living in Portugal at the moment so I'm kind of stopped for the time being. I hope to get it going again once I go back to Scotland.

I m living in the Algarve in Portugal at the moment and going back to Forres in Scotland in August.
Ill be in touch again to give you a more detailed description of how I've benefited from your great book.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,
Tiago M A Lazaro

custom snare drum

stave snare

snare drum

custom built snare drum

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