Guerrilla Drum Making DVD Review:

My Guerrilla Drum Making DVD review...

As you probably may have discovered, building drums is no easy task. But it is a very rewarding building experience. How much better does it get when you finally get to hear the beautiful drums you built? It's hard to put into words. You have to do it'll see.

The reason I created Drum Building Secrets is because there is no comprehensive home builders guide on the market. The forums on the subject are ok for some areas of custom drum building, but you are still at a loss most of the time. Because when you need a solution to: bearing edges, snare beds, vendors for drum supplies, stain, tools etc. etc. it's a massive time drain, and not to mention, you will get conflicting advice. Even damaging advice.

So, I went to work and after many months of interviews and building custom drums. And soon enough, Drum Building Secrets was created.

And then the Guerrilla Drum Making DVD comes along...

drum building dvdThe Guerrilla Drum Making DVD fills a void that needed to be filled. A DVD version of how to build a custom made drum set.

The pro's of this DVD:

It covers a diverse range of drum building ideas, tips, and alternatives. For example, you'll learn how to work with new or used wood and acrylic drum shells. I haven't worked with acrylic before, so this was really helpful. The sections on veneer drums and exotic woods is excellent as well.

But that's just the beginning. In addition I learned things about how to wrap drums with striped wrap laminates, how to shoot sunburst, and how to color-fade with aerosol.

The section on how to create mirror high gloss finishes was really good as well.

And there were a lot of excellent tips and directions on how to build with triple flanged, die cast, and wood tom and snare drum hoops.

I found the guides to working with custom lugs, how to alternate tension rod length for a unique customized look, and how to design drums with multiple hardware options to be really helpful as well.

Con's: Some of the directions are communicated very quickly so you'll want to have a notepad and remote control handy to go back over areas you weren't sure about.

The DVD could have been organized a little bit better in terms of sections. For example, if I wanted to find the section on how to work with wood tom and snare drum hoops, it's not on the menu. You have to remember what section it's under. But that's nit picking.

Quick Summary:

I actually picked up this DVD a couple of months ago following a recommendation from a poster on a forum. Only managed to watch it through once, but I think it's a great addition to any builders library. Along with your information, it's served to re-whet my appetite for doing something on the building front. I've already refurbed a couple of sets, but I like the idea of going a bit more custom in the finish department instead of using wraps. When I get round to it, I'll drop you some pics ...could be a while yet though! All the best,

Doug Smith

The Guerilla Drum Making DVD brings a ton of ideas and alternatives to use in your drum building projects. Most of them I hadn't considered or even heard of until I saw the DVD.

It's a perfect companion DVD to Drum Building Secrets. We have some detailed sections on things like lug placement, bearing edges, and snare bed creation in written form, and with detailed directions. And then you can use some of the more creative ideas in the DVD on using wrap, stain, or other finishing ideas to bring your kit up a couple of notches.

So the bottom line is this: If you want to bring your drum building efforts to a whole new level and build an army of raving fans, you should run, don't walk to get the Guerilla Drum Making DVD.

There is so much on this DVD that it will be used for many years to come. And at $39.95, it's a bargain considering how much information, tips, and advice you get on it.

I like it so much I got them to give you a small discount. A discount you can't find anywhere else...

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