Bob Coiro's Homemade Drum Set:
A Pro Level Kit

Drum Building Secrets Side Bar: Bob graciously shared his step by step wood finishing techniques with us and allowed us to post them on our website. You can see his wood finishing techinques he used on his drum set here.

Notes From Bob Coiro...

Hello Brian,

If I remember correctly, I received a book from you about... oh, two years ago. And yes, I did build a set of drums which did come out very well. Because of the terribly dusty conditions in my little workshop in the basement, I had to improvise a dust-proof method of wood finishing and darned if after several failed attempts, it didn't finally work like a charm. Just plain ol' gel stain and tung oil varnish. I'll be happy to share the wood finishing recipe with you if you're interested. Meantime, I'm attempting to attach some photos of my home made drums to this e-mail. See if you can view them below.

Warmest Regards,
Bob Coiro

homemade drum set

custom tom tom

custom made floor tom

custom made snare drum

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