Used and New Drum Shells For Custom Made Drum Sets!

Drum shells can be found in all kinds of sizes for any custom drum set you want to build. The most common wood shell is made of maple, but there are several other wood drum shells that are available as well. For example, you can buy birch shells, beech wood, mahogany, and you can even buy solid maple shells (no plys).

The sounds vary from wood to wood, and shell to shell. Some large drum manufacturers hand pick their drum shells, while others just use what they get. I think hand picking the shells is more of a marketing ploy (DW). Because it comes down to how you tune your drum, the head, and how you hit the drum (in my opinion).

Tip: If you want to build your own drum shell, you need very specific types of machinery and skills to do so. It's not easy. Especially if you want to build a quality drum shell. However, you can piece together a segmented drum shell and use common tools to form it properly.

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