build a drum setA Big Thank You To These
Custom Drum Builders...

Drum Building Secrets Could Not Be As Good As It Is Without The Awesome Step-By-Step Directions, Tips, and Pictures Provided By The Following Custom Drum Builders:

Each of the drum builders below provided some of the best step by step advice on custom drum building, and you will only find it in Drum Building Secrets. For example...

Drum Solo: Greg Gaylord. A gifted builder who builds amazing looking and sounding drums. I've played them personally and they really are better than the price he asks for them. Greg provided all kinds of pictures and details on the tools you need for building drums like a professional, and how to build killer custom drums. Every part you'll ever need to build your drums is on this custom drum builders paradise. provided a detailed and comprehensive step by step guide to measuring and placing lugs. It's hard to do it perfect, and most builders get if wrong. Their guide makes it easy to follow so you do it right the first time and don't ruin your shells.

Nelson Drums. Steve Nelson's contributions were nothing short of spectacular. He provided bearing edge instructions, tools, and tips. You will see for yourself how good his advice is. Here is what his website say's: NDC specializes in built-to-order snare drums, full drum sets, and vintage drum restoration. Additionally, we offer bearing edge service (touchups and full re- profiling), re-wrapping service, and full tech service for recording studios and school percussion equipment.

C&C Drums. Maker of gorgeous custom drums. One of the largest drum dealers who specializes in custom drums.

I can't thank these drum builders enough because they really made Drum Building Secrets a resource that custom drum builders will treasure for a lifetime.

They went above and beyond what we asked of them. They provided detailed answers to our interview questions, pictures, and guides to some of the most difficult parts of the drum building process: bearing edges, lug placement, and much more.

Each interview could be sold as a separate product. They are that good. So, I want to give props to the custom drum builders for their gracious contributions. Thanks guys!

Visit their sites and buy their drums. You won't be disappointed.

See a small gallery of our customers who built homemade drum sets and snare drums from the information revealed only in Drum Building Secrets!

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